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Trek To Nepal

Trek to Nepal ?

Stuck between two imposing neighbors, China to the north, India to the south, Nepal has developed a specific culture, which radiates far beyond its borders: the country was once known for its attraction to hippies in search of spirituality. The territory of Nepal extends in the foothills of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world: with heights that climb dizzily, it is understandable why Nepal has such a variety of landscape. To the south, it is the Terai regions, of low altitude where predominates a subtropical climate, then one attacks an impressive height difference towards the mythical summit of Everest (8848 meters of altitude anyway). In the meantime, we will have had the opportunity to meet Kathmandu, the capital, Bhaktapur and Patan, three centers of interest close to each other. Nepal, mountain country par excellence, is also and especially the ideal place to indulge in trekking, for epic hikes.

Practical tips for a trip to Nepal

Fascinated by treks or Nepali culture, but also tourists in need of spirituality, Nepal fascinates and attracts.
Organizing your day-to-day trip will not be complicated in major cities frequented by tourists, such as the capital Kathmandu of course, or Bhaktapur and Patan for example. Here, the offer of accommodation is wide and adapted to all types of budgets … and even to the smallest of them! The price range starts very low with addresses comfortably very basic, then climbs in quite reasonable price orders (for a western tourist means) for the upper categories.
The conditions of accommodation change during a trek: everything depends on how it is organized, for example alternating night in a tent, in a monastery or in a lodge, homestays accommodation on the circuits.
Same thing with regard to catering in general: all types of address, even the most chic, will seem very affordable.
Some health considerations will have to be taken into account before going to Nepal: water for example, must be filtered because it is simply not drinkable, even at the tap. Mosquitoes are a nuisance not to neglect before leaving. In general, it is better to learn before leaving on health risks: nothing too alarming, but as much be warned and prepare his suitcase accordingly!

Prepare for your trip to Nepal

A trip to Nepal is like a trip to the other end of the world. This is one of the best ways to make the most of your vacation and to guard against unplanned surprises. Located about 15 hours flight from Paris, Nepal is best known for its mountains, the state is in the Himalayas. If you came to climb mountains, be sure to be well equipped. For climbing or trekking equipment, many tour operators offer tours that include this type of activity, so you do not have to clutter with a suitcase of equipment. Nevertheless, you must have the right clothes especially if you intend to practice high mountains. For this activity, Everest remains the star, but trekking is also practiced in the Pokhara Valley and in the canyons of Karnali. Nepal is trekking and mountain climbing, but it is also a cultural destination par excellence where monuments allow you to get an idea of ​​the history of the city as well as tradition. To visit the region of Kathmandu and its old districts, the city of Bhadgaun or that of Patan with the statues of Buddha. The various festivals and festivals that follow one another throughout the year are an opportunity to discover Nepalese folklore. Unless you want to visit cities in the rain, prefer to go between October and March. Question formality, the visa is mandatory and a valid passport 6 months after the date of return.

Trekking in Nepal

High mountain trekkers will be served in Nepal, and you will be able to discover the sumptuous landscapes of the Himalayas (Nepal hosts 8 of the 10 highest peaks in the world). High mountains, glaciers, desert altitude …, you choose the trek that suits you. The most classic treks and most accessible ones (especially because of the not too high altitude) take place in the valley of Kathmandu, the valley of Langtang and around Pokhara. You will then find many treks in the Annapurna Massif, around Mount Everest and in the upper Mustang. These treks require to have a good physical condition, moreover because of the altitude you will be subject to the evil of altitude (it is necessary to take precautions and for high altitude treks to seek medical advice before leaving). In all cases treks in Nepal are more for experienced walkers. Choose a trek that suits your level, in high mountains it can be dangerous to overestimate yourself. You can find a trek in Nepal with a travel agency specialized in trekking. There are also specialized trekking agencies in Nepal. In any case check the references of the agency with which you leave. If you are experienced, you can also leave with a local agency or a local guide. In this case check the references of your guide, also know that you need a trekking permit for certain regions. To obtain a trekking permit, to obtain information on a guide or a trek you can inquire at the Nepal Mountaineering Association. You can contact them and get a lot of information on treks in Nepal through their website:

Help me to make better trekking plan

Before Trekking Information

Clear information about Trekking in Nepal . This article give complete information about trekking route, place to stay and more about trekking in Nepal.

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