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the deepest Phoksundo Lake

Nepal has a large number of lakes ,some are located at high altitudes and some at deepest.Among them Phoksundo lake has got its own charm ,diverse and been captivating attraction of many people.It is also well known trekking destination for tourist visiting the country.

Phoksundo Lake is located at height of 11,849 ft above the sea level in Dolpa district. It provide an alpine fresh water.Phoksundo lake has water volume of 409,000,000 m3.According to a survery conducted by Department of Hydrology and Meteorology in 2004 the maximum depth of the lake is measured at 145 m and in september 2007 Phoksundo Lake is designated a Ramsar Site.

Phoksundo lake has got its own importance and It has a lot to offer for wanderers.Anyone who is trying to get out from the hustle and bustle of the city and wanting to explore himalayan regions and Lakes.Phoksundo Lake and the Dolpo valley is great destination.Dolpo is one of the most isolated places in the country.Most of the regions are covered with snow and mountains.

Buddhism and Bon are prevalent in Dolpo area.There are more than 20 stupas located in the southern belt and a Gumba in the eastern side of the lake.Travellers can also get a closer look at the Tibetan culture in upper Dolpo.People visiting this area may even get a chance of joining morning prayers with the Monks and earn your blessings..Most of the regions are highly influenced by tibetan culture and lifestyle.

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