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Mt Machhapuchchhre and it’s majestic beauty

Located in north central Nepal,Mt Machhapuchchre is a mountain in the Annapurna Himalayas.It is believed to be one of the homes of Lord Shiva by the local population and Climbing is forbidden.Mt Machhapuchchre is located about twenty five km north from Pokhara.Often covered with snow the Mountains range looks incredibly impeccable.It is also most famous trekking destination of tourist visiting the country .

The sharp,pointed profile attracts attention of many trekkers.Having similar apperance of ‘tail of a fish’.It is also known as “Matterhorn of Nepal”.The sacred Mountain has never been actually summitted.In 1957 a British team led by lieutant colonel Roberts climbed to an approximate height of 6947m but they don’t walk on the summit of the Mountain as it is believed to be sacred and one of Homes of Lord Shiva.And until now there are no attempts because it is officialy closed for climbers.

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