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Expansion of TIA Terminal Buildings and Parking Spaces is Under Way

The US-Bangla Airlines craft crash at Tribhuvan International field on March twelve that killed forty nine out of seventy one folks on board has raised eyebrows within the world aviation market. Following the crash, completely different assumptions are created relating to what caused the accident. whereas Bangladeshi media reports are blaming the traffic management at ischaemia for the accident, governance at ischaemia say that the charge is totally unfounded. Sujan Dhungana of The mountain chain Times spoke to rule Kumar Chhetri, chief of ischaemia, to induce details concerning the crash and different problems concerning the country’s solely international field

A US-Bangla Airlines craft crashed within the country’s solely international field fortnight back. however have you ever taken the incident?

The crash itself is AN undesirable incident. The fatal crash of the US-Bangla Airlines craft at Tribhuvan International field (TIA) has saddened not solely families of these passengers UN agency lost their lives within the accident however the complete ischaemia family and therefore the country. currently our concern ought to be to spot the rationale behind the crash and take measures to cut back such accidents within the future. A high-level six-member team, headed by former director general of Civil Aviation Authority of Asian country (CAAN) Yagya Prasad Gautam, has been examining the particular reasons behind the US-Bangla craft crash.

The US-Bangla Airlines and Bangladeshi media are blaming the traffic management at ischaemia and poor infrastructure within the field for the crash. what’s your defy it?

I have been surfing the reports of various Bangladeshi media and comments from Bangladeshi authorities as well as officers of US-Bangla Airlines relating to the crash of US-Bangla rider aeroplane at ischaemia on March twelve. However, I even have already mentioned that it’s too early to evaluate the particular reason behind the crash. we should always stay up for the probe report. However, i need to say that the weather in Kathmandu natural depression on the day the accident occurred was smart and therefore the runway was visible. Moreover, there was no issue relating to tie up at the time the fatality occurred. Thus, i think that there mustn’t are any drawback for landing at ischaemia on the day. I even have talked to a couple of eyewitnesses and that they have suspected of procedural flaw whereas landing. However, it’s once more AN assumption. we have a tendency to aren’t during a position to mention UN agency is chargeable for the crash — is it the pilot himself, the ATC, the geographical location of Kathmandu natural depression or the other technical problems. The probe report can take off with answers to all or any these queries.

However, it’s typically same that the ATC at ischaemia operates struggling. is that this true?

This charge is completely wrong. Like international practices, the traffic management (ATC) at ischaemia operates beneath completely different shifts and each shift is modified at AN interval of six hours. Any active controller at ATC can get leisure for a couple of hours. within the case of the craft accident on March twelve, all charges against TIA’s ATC square measure all wrong. I utterly trouble the media reports that have damn our ATC for making confusion relating to the runway or giving wrong data to the pilot of the US-Bangla craft that crashed. allow us to all stay up for the probe report.

By once can the probe committee submit its report back to the government?

The government has not set any point in time for the committee to submit the probe report. However, the probe committee has been mandated to submit the report as shortly as attainable. The probe committee contains of consultants and as per my data, the committee members are work the difficulty diligently. I expect the committee to terminate the report shortly.

The ischaemia is additionally typically damn for not having refined rescue mechanism. however does one measure the rescue efforts when the US-Bangla craft crash?

I scan somewhere that our rescue mechanism was poor and hearth fighters weren’t properly equipped. however these charges aren’t supported facts. Our rescue efforts and therefore the rescue team were able to save the lives of twenty-two passengers from the burning US-Bangla craft. This truth alone is enough to mirror on our rescue mechanism and therefore the efforts created throughout the day of the crash. Our hearth rescue mechanism falls beneath class 9 of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Our hearth rescue mechanism has received the class 9 normal solely when meeting all the rescue parameters and standards set by International Civil Aviation Organization. In fact, we should always applaud the rescue efforts administered by the ischaemia team on the day of the crash. it had been terribly fast and that i don’t assume that such fast rescue is administered in the other field even in developed countries. we would not have refined tools for rescue activities, however we have a tendency to had each such tool that’s needed throughout such emergencies.

How does one measure the infrastructure at the country’s solely international field and therefore the upgradation method that’s taking place?

Infrastructure at ischaemia may not be as refined as that of airports in Singapore and Siam. however the facilities at ischaemia square measure as per the international normal. However, our field is relatively little thanks to lack of area for enlargement. Thus, the govt has been fast the method of developing airports in Bhairahawa, Pokhara and Nijgadh. i think that the Bhairahawa field can inherit operation inside future 2 years. Similarly, Pokhara field also will begin in operation inside future four years. Once these airports begin industrial operation, it’ll cut back the pressure at ischaemia. within the case of infrastructure at ischaemia, work relating to enlargement of terminal buildings and parking areas is beneath manner. i think that the ischaemia upgradation method is going down bit by bit and swimmingly.

The frequent traffic congestion at ischaemia has typically raised safety issues within the country’s aviation industry? what’s being done to cut back the congestion?

I believe that the tie up issue at ischaemia has been self-addressed in recent times compared to a couple of years back. the complete government mechanism as well as ischaemia management, CAAN and therefore the Ministry of Culture, commercial enterprise and Civil Aviation, is giving due concentrate on ways that to minimise traffic congestion at ischaemia. Meanwhile, we’ve been developing four new parking bays for larger craft within ischaemia, that is anticipated to be completed inside eight months. Similarly, we have a tendency to are constructing a littleer parking bay targeting small craft. Once the development of those new parking bays is completed, the tie up drawback at ischaemia are going to be self-addressed to a high extent. relating to accidents at ischaemia, the crash of US-Bangla craft is that the third within the last six decades. at the side of heightened concern towards aviation safety from the govt and airline firms in recent years, air accidents are
reduced considerably over the past few years.

Tourism entrepreneurs are perpetually blaming the poor condition of ischaemia as a serious natural event to commercial enterprise growth within the country. What does one got to say on this?

I have witnessed traffic congestion at even developed airports in China and national capital. it’s not a problem connected only to ischaemia. tie up and craft being placed on hold within the sky may be a traditional development in busy airports like ischaemia. Meanwhile, it’s a indisputable fact that commercial enterprise within the country has been booming in recent years. commercial enterprise growth depends on several factors and not solely the condition of the field. However, it’s true that ischaemia has been facing issues in enlargement method thanks to area constraint. If we’ve to speak concerning airports in foreign countries, they need terminals and immigration offices at long distances as their airports square measure large. As a result, it takes nearly 0.5 AN hour for passengers in different foreign airports to clear immigration and claim their baggage. However, within the case of ischaemia, a rider clears immigration and reaches the luggage claim space inside 5 to ten minutes.

It has been according that foreign airlines are delaying in paying dues to ischaemia in recent years. what’s ischaemia doing to handle this issue?

A majority of international airlines in operation in Asian country square measure paying their dues on time. However, it’s true that Air Asia has delayed in creating its payment. However, we’ve received commitment from the chief military officer of Air Asia that they’re going to clear all their dues inside Gregorian calendar month. Meanwhile, we’ve been seeking bank guarantee price Rs 250 million from Air Asia and have warned them that we’ll not permit their craft to work at ischaemia if the corporate fails to try to to thus. we have a tendency to square measure optimistic that Air Asia can clear all the dues shortly. a couple of days earlier, the corporate paid Rs fifteen million to ischaemia. i think that payment from Air Asia was delayed within the past few years thanks to some internal miscommunication and conflict at the airlines. Otherwise, we’ve detected that Air Asia had paid their fees to ischaemia ahead in earlier years.

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