Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Tiji Festival 2020 – Festival in Upper Mustang

Tiji festival upper mustang 2019

What is Tiji Festival ? Tenji festival commonly pronounced tiji or Tenchi festival is three days celebration in lo-manthang, a capital of Upper mustang, Nepal -remembrance victory of Sonam Dhorji to Demons and protect villagers life, harvest and live stock . As per festival sprite there was a demons named ”MA TAM RU TA”, The wax-man eater and who cased …

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Public Holidays in Nepal 2075 B.S.

Different countries and International organization have their own rules and regulations.Most of the countries in the world operate five days a week and are closed in saturdays and sundays.Nepal operate six days a week and Officially saturday is a day off .Nepal celebrates lots of religous as well as Non-religious holidays.On these Public holidays all government offices are closed but …

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