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Best Time to Travel in Nepal

Best Time to Travel in Nepal : Travel Guide to Nepal

Trekking Season in Nepal:

If you are planning to visit Nepal, its geographic location and physical characteristics give it a unique climate. Nepal has four seasons, it also has a monsoon season. The best time to trek in Nepal is from October to May (the dry season) and the worse time is from June to September (the monsoon). However, each season has distinct attractions to offer the visitors. The seasons are classified as follows:-

Spring (March-May): The Spring season in Nepal, dances ever higher because the nature is at her best, painting the different varieties of wild flowers, most exceptionally the rhododendrons, make the hillside above 3000 meters a haunting paradise during this season. It is mildly warm at lower elevations, the mountain views are excellent and temperature is quite moderate. This is the second biggest trekking season in Nepal and definitely less crowded but still a great time for trekking in mountain region. March and April are often drier than May, but May has the advantage of more alpine flowers. This season is the best time to have the mountain expedition, peak climbing, trekking and hiking in Nepal.

Summer (June-August): Summer season, represents the monsoon season in Nepal, as it rains almost every day during this season. So this season can be the best time for river adventure as the level of river in Nepal become higher. You also can have Agro tour as Nepalese farmer farm in their land in this period. This season also would be the best for those who are keen to know about the vegetation as a botanist at the higher valleys and meadows that blossom with flowers and lush vegetation. It is a time for wandering among the flower carpets and vivid colors while the locals are absorbed in the traditional cycles of agriculture. During this season, you can trek in the rain-shadow (places out of reach of the rain clouds because of the high mountains) areas north of the Himalaya like Mustang and Dolpo.

Autumn (September-November): This is classic, best trekking season in Nepal famed for it is the best time to experience trekking in the Himalayas, which offers an excellent weather, exhilarating mountain views and one can experience the festival and culture of Nepal as the biggest festival of Nepal falls in this season, such as Dashain and Tihar (Subha Depawali) light festival which occurs either in October or November. This is the season to head off the beaten track, to Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, around Dhaulagiri as well.

Winter (December-February): While trekking, although it is winter, the weather is at its finest and driest conditions. Winter season is noted for occasional snowfall only at higher elevations. In the middle hills nights are crisp, cool and clear, the stars have that crystal twinkle. Temperatures drop below freezing point every night. Hence it is ideal for trekking at lower elevation, generally below 3000 meters and it is good time for having adventure activities such as mountain bike, bungee jumping, cycling tour, paragliding, river adventure and jungle safari.

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