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Adventure Holiday Activities Nepal


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What is Adventure Tourism ?Adventure Holiday activities in Nepal – Not Just a holiday , makes little more Adventure


High mountains; 7 of 14 ochomil, and small but challenging peaks create a great opportunity to climb mountains throughout the year in Nepal. Well guided by professional Sherpas and expert climbing organizers, mountaineering can be the most accessible form of adventure acting in the northernmost regions of Nepal.


Skydiving is the most elite Adventure Holiday Activities Nepal to do in Nepal. There are not many places for regular skydiving in Nepal, however, it is guaranteed to be fun when skydiving takes place.
Skydiving over the top of Mount Everest is one of the most desired elite sports in Nepal. Started in 2008, there have been more than 194 jumps so far. Well, the cost can exceed your regular budget, $ 25,000 for individual jumps and $ 35,000 for tandems, but once in a life experience it is guaranteed to be the most precious moment of your life.


The trekking is undeniably the best Adventure Holiday Activities Nepal. Nepal is known for its high mountain trekking areas, and trekkers, as many as 100,000, visit Nepal almost every year.
Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and Mustang are some of the most desired trekking destinations in Nepal. Due to its commercialization in recent decades and the high availability of trained experts in the field, the costs for hiking easily comes in your regular budget, and the time needed to complete the walk can last from only 7 days to 21 days in total. .


Started in 2007, paragliding has been the most desired of Adventure Holiday Activities Nepal in Pokhara. Flights take off from Sarangkot 1,592 m (5,223 ft) and perch in the heart of tourists’ paradise – Lakeside, Pokhara . With flying experts from different parts of the world and their years of experience in hand, you have the security of being the best moment of your life in the air. The cost is low cost compared to other sports in Nepal, where you can fly for only $ 60 – $ 70.


Nepal is a country rich in water sources. The water that comes down directly from the Himalayas produces river and streams of high current. While there are many raft options to choose from, river qualifications start from 4- to 4+ . Pirouetting, high slip and troying are some of the usual techniques used during rafting here.


Climbing is a common form of adventure activity in Nepal. With the commercialization of climbing, sport has thrived as anything. Climbing lovers, including local inhabitants, enjoy this sport throughout the year.
One can enjoy rock climbing in some of the more exotic and less explored northern regions of Nepal. Also, an amateur course is provided to anyone who does a mountain climbing in Nepal.

7. Mountain biking

This small Southeast Asian nation is the home of the Himalayas. The main landscapes, are of high Himalayas, hills and flat Terai.
Cycling in the hills of Nepal can be a very adventurous experience. Uneven mountainous terrain facilitates better mountain bike experience, along with cultural excursions of diverse ethnic tribes that reside in the hills.


Located near the border between Nepal and China, Bhote Koshi is the best place for lovers of bungee jumping. The first and may be the only jump site of the bungee, which is located just above the Koshi Bhote River at a height of 160 m (525 ft), making it the second highest bungee jump site in the world.
The cost is low cost and you can also try other forms of risk sports during your visit, Swing, canyoning, rafting, etc.


The Himalayas provide a unique skiing experience in the snow. One of the elite sports, Ski was first introduced by Europeans in Nepal. Unlike the European Alps, the Himalayas of Asia can be quite unique for skiing.
Quite a new activity in Nepal and organized only during the winter, you can enjoy the Alps, Freestyle and ski boardercross styles.


As in rafting, white water kayaking is another popular water activity in Nepal. With unimaginable high degrees of river, you can enjoy the most adventurous kind of kayak.

11. Honey Hunting

Honey Hunting – one of adventure holiday activities in Nepal. Honey harvesting from steep rocky mountains with few traditional equipment adventure itself .

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